LSU Health New Orleans

Focused on high-quality cancer research & treatments

LSU Health New Orleans has partnered with LCMC Health to form the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center. The Cancer Center’s more than medicine approach to cancer positions the organization as the premier location for cancer research and clinical trials. The organization’s comprehensive community outreach and engagement programs are designed to promote cancer prevention, detection, and treatment for patients across Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast.

The work of clinical and research leaders at the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center is aimed at providing patients with the latest treatments and clinical trials thanks to the rapidly growing field of cancer research. Clinicians treat both adults and children with cancer at multiple locations throughout the Greater New Orleans area including University Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, East Jefferson Hospital and West Jefferson Hospital. The team of surgeons and medical oncologists provide cutting-edge cancer screening programs, early detection and diagnosis of cancer, advanced treatment opportunities and survivorship programs to patients.  

Led by a dedicated and nationally recognized team of clinicians, oncology nurses and researchers, the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center is the recipient and manager of the Gulf South Clinical Trials Network, a collaborative program funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Through this partnership, the Gulf South Clinical Trials Network offers innovative clinical studies for patients with cancer. Collaborative arrangements with the pharmaceutical industry also bring access to the latest anti-cancer drugs and treatments. The LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center continues to develop and test new technologies to facilitate the participation of patients in clinical trials throughout the state of Louisiana and the region. Each year, more patients seek their help to access the latest treatment for cancer.

The LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center has the largest number of cancer-related federal grants to fund cancer research initiatives. Starting with participation in the Cancer Moonshot program and continuing with studies on advanced molecular treatments, investigators have continued to expand the number of grants awarded to the institution. The research programs study topics such as viruses that cause cancer, immunity against cancer, obesity and its role in promoting cancer, and the development of new ways to stop the growth of cancer at an early stage. In addition to this research, the Louisiana Tumor Registry located at the LSU School of Public Health provides the latest information on the type, number and location of each and every cancer patient in Louisiana to inform new strategies.

The LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center continues to be a leader and a partner in developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in Louisiana. These initiatives are bringing important cancer care closer to home to patients in the region.