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With the support of the National Cancer Institute, the Gulf South Clinical Trial Network brings together the leading cancer care providers in the region to provide access to the most advanced clinical trials available today. Because of this network, you can offer your patients state-of-the-art studies closer to their homes, families, and support systems. 

Enrolling patients in clinical trials not only offers the patients more options, it also improves cancer outcomes, helps reduce cancer disparities, and over time we believe it will help decrease the overall cancer mortality rate in our region. As a physician, you play a significant role in changing the face of cancer in the Gulf South CTN.

It is easier than ever to enroll your patients in clinical trials at our more than 40 locations in our region. Search for clinical trials using the tool on the right or simply call our toll-free number, (866) 559-2476. Some prior treatments eliminate a patient’s eligibility so it is important to check for available trials before beginning treatment. Our team at Gulf South CTN will help screen your patient for eligibility and refer them to the nearest convenient location with the appropriate trial. Gulf South CTN oversees all of the regulatory requirements and, importantly, the patient returns to you when the trial is completed.

You can also join the Gulf South CTN is you are interested in providing clinical trials to your patients.  Learn how to become a member below.

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We’re working to address Louisiana’s health care disparities and cancer mortality rates with improved access to cancer treatments and trials.

Even when accounted for by tumor type, the African American and rural underserved populations in Louisiana continue to have a higher incidence of and mortality from cancer, as compared to similar populations in the U.S.


Incidence of Louisiana cancer mortality per 100,000 in Louisiana from 2011-2015, against national average of 488.5

Even when accounted for by tumor type, the African American and rural underserved populations in Louisiana continue to have a higher incidence of and mortality to cancer, as compared to similar populations in the U.S.


The gap in reduction of colorectal cancer deaths between white women and African American women.


To bring trials to your patients and provide care in your own practice, you may elect to become a participating Investigator in the Gulf South Clinical Trial Network and join the dozens of other physicians that make up this collaborative. If you meet the criteria, our experienced team will oversee all the regulatory work and provide support and guidance as needed.

By becoming a member of the Gulf South NCORP, you’re not only bringing the latest advancements in care closer to your patients, you’re also participating in an initiative that’s backed by Louisiana’s leading cancer care institutions.”

The network is bigger than the partner institutions and even the studies themselves. It’s about caregivers, patients, families and how their stories of courage and hope define our community.

"The network gives us much needed additional support"

Mindie Kavanaugh, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center

“This is a big step in addressing health care disparities in our region.”

Scott Delacroix, MD

Clinical Trials Site Leader, LSU Health

"The network will begin to bridge the gap in cancer care for our region"

Augusto Ochoa, MD

Principal NCORP Investigator

“This platform can reduce the cancer burden for patients and families”

Greg Johnstone

Manager, Clinical Research, Ochsner Medical Center

“This is an exciting opportunity to enhance collaboration and outcomes.”

John Cole, MD

Director of Clinical Research, Ochsner Medical Center

"It's rewarding to know I'm making life better for my children and grandchildren"

Greta Fry

Clinical Study Participant

"Research participants get access to a new standard of cancer care"

Cyndi Knox, RN, BSN, MBA

Director of Clinical Research, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

"We're giving patient more options for advanced cancer treatment"

John Rowell, RN, MSN

Director of Clinical Research, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center

“With expanded access, we can really improve patient outcomes”

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Eileen Mederos, RN

Program Manager, NCI Community Oncology Research Program, LSU Health

“Clinical research is a key part of our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care.”

David Hanson, MD

Medical Oncologist, MBPCC Principal Investigator