Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Patient-centered cancer care and research

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Louisiana’s leading cancer care organization, has served the Gulf South for almost 50 years with a mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. Combining high-quality cancer care with compassionate support for patients and families, the Cancer Center is a leader in state-of-the-art therapies and support services. With nine facilities across 18 southeast Louisiana parishes and several Mississippi counties, Mary Bird Perkins remains a frontrunner in research and innovation. 

Each year, Mary Bird Perkins treats more patients than any other facility in the region. Its innovative culture helps attract the best cancer care minds in the country, from expert physicians and highly specialized scientists to forward-thinking leaders in supportive care and other disciplines.

The Cancer Center’s clinical research team has a long history of offering national and international clinical trials. Along with teams of surgical, medical and radiation oncologists, these dedicated professionals inform patients of the benefits of clinical trials and how they are improving cancer care now and for the future. Patients considering clinical trial participation receive a thorough explanation from their oncologist with necessary information to make educated decisions.

The Cancer Center’s technological advancements, specialized treatment plans and clinical research team are helping save and extend more cancer patients’ lives than ever. Mary Bird Perkins continues its community-oriented vision through its involvement in the Gulf South Clinical Trials Network.

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